wood-look tile in bathroomIt’s no secret that hardwood floors are a popular choice for homeowners. Hardwood is known as a high-quality, long-lasting flooring choice that will help add value to your home while providing years of use. Although hardwood is a great material, sometimes it doesn’t make sense for your home and you need an alternative!

Whether it’s due to budget, having a busy household prone to scratches and spills, or simply preference, sometimes you want the look of hardwood without having to install the real thing. That’s where wood-look tile comes in! Many manufacturers are now making tiles from materials such as ceramic or porcelain that look like hardwood but have the benefits of tile. Could wood-look tile be the answer for your Alpharetta, John's Creek, Roswell home? Read on to see what Floor Coverings International Alpharetta has to say about this tile option:

Wood-Look Tile: Better Than The Real Thing?

Durability: Wood-look tiles are durable and will do well in high-traffic areas. They stand up to scratches and dents much better than real wood. And if one tile does get damaged, that individual tile can be replaced! With tile, you don’t have to worry about furniture, kids or pets scratching it.

Maintenance: Wood-look tiles require little maintenance compared to hardwood floors. Tiles don’t need to be restained and sanded the way that real hardwood does over the years. Wood-look tiles only need to be swept or mopped occasionally in order to be maintained. 

Variety: There are never-ending options when it comes to wood-look tile flooring. There are different sizes and styles made from many materials, whether ceramic or porcelain, so you can be sure to find the right look for your room!

Budget: Since there’s such a variety of different wood-look tiles, you can be sure you’ll find one to fit your budget. Tile can be a more affordable option than real hardwood and makes a great alternative. 

Moisture Resistant: Wood-look tile flooring gives you the power to get the look of hardwood in places where hardwood might not be a good choice. Wood-look tile flooring can be a great choice for bathrooms and kitchen, adding the warmth of hardwood while also being able to stand up to water exposure. These tiles also work well in entryways that are exposed to wet shoes and mud.

Add Wood-Look Tile to Your Alpharetta Home

If you aren’t sure whether real hardwood or wood-look tile would be the best choice for your project, be sure to consult our team at Floor Coverings International Alpharetta. Our experts proudly serve the Alpharetta, John's Creek, Roswell area, providing free in-home design consultations so you can be confident in your flooring decision.

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