white oak hardwoodSelecting new floors for your home is a big decision. The type of floors you choose can affect the entire look and feel of a space, the price of your project, and the amount of time you will need to spend cleaning and caring for the flooring in the future. One of the options that you may be considering for your flooring is white oak hardwood. This can be a good choice for your home in the Alpharetta, John's Creek, Roswell area. Here are three benefits that Floor Coverings International Alpharetta has found with this type of flooring:

1. Resistant to Stains

One of the more unique benefits associated with white oak is that it is a closed grain wood. Many types of wood flooring have open pores. This allows water and liquids that are spilled on the wood to seep in and stain the wood. In contrast, white oak naturally plugs the pores with its cells, closing off the pores. This makes these floors more resistant to water and stains. This is a good choice for those who may want to use wood flooring in a bathroom, kitchen or for those with small children or pets.

2. Stands Up to Scratches

Another benefit associated with white oak hardwood flooring is that it is a harder wood than red oak. The harder the wood is, the less susceptible it is to dings and dents. This helps your hardwood floor look great for years to come. Those who are using the wood floors in an Alpharetta household with pets, small kids or heavy foot traffic want a harder wood, so white oak may be perfect in these scenarios.

3. Personalize Your Look 

The final benefit to using white oak hardwood flooring is that white oak can be stained a variety of colors. When you purchase your flooring, you may intend to keep it its natural color. But as your tastes and style evolve in the future, you may want a new color for your flooring. Due to the natural colors and undertones of white oak, it can easily be stained white, gray or brown, allowing you to change up your flooring if you desire. You can personalize the look of your flooring to fit your needs!

Install White Oak in Your Alpharetta Home

If you are looking to install new flooring in your Alpharetta, John's Creek, Roswell home, be sure to learn the benefits that the flooring has to offer. Every type of flooring has its own unique benefits. You can then use these benefits to determine if a flooring option, such as white oak hardwood, is ideal for your home and family. To find the best fit for your home, begin with a free in-home estimate from Floor Coverings International Alpharetta!

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