Brazilian cherry flooring, also known as Jatoba, is imported hardwood from Brazil and named for its distinct red hue. The warm red of Brazilian cherry flooring gives any home an elegant feel. This hardwood also has several other advantages that could make it a good choice for Alpharetta, John's Creek, Roswell homeowners. Here are a couple reasons our team at Floor Coverings International Alpharetta loves Brazilian cherry hardwood floors:

Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian cherry flooring can have a lot of color variation. These floors can range from a deep chocolate color to a more red color and can offer a nice contrast if the rest of the room is really light. The different color variations these floors offer are part of their appeal and can offer a lot of visual interest to a home. A good installation team will make sure the color variations between planks is spread throughout the room for a natural, beautiful look. 

Hardwood With Extreme Durability

This hardwood flooring is not only beautiful, it’s also extremely durable. It registers 2820 on the Janka Hardness scale, which is a scale that compares the hardness of different species of hardwood flooring. This durability makes it a great choice for high-traffic homes since it can stand up to scratches and dents.

Another type of hardwood cherry flooring available is American cherry. However, Brazilian cherry and American cherry have very few similarities. They both may have reddish undertones, but otherwise, they don’t have a lot in common. While Brazilian cherry is extremely hard, American cherry is much softer, registering only 950 on the Janka scale. This means it probably won’t hold up as well against scratches and dents compared to Brazilian cherry. 

Add Brazilian Cherry Flooring to Your Alpharetta Home

The right hardwood for your home will depend on the particular needs of your project and your space. If you still aren’t sure if Brazilian cherry hardwood is right for your Alpharetta, John's Creek, Roswell home or not, contact our professionals at Floor Coverings International Alpharetta for a free in-home estimate to learn more. 

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