Ed and his Alpharetta area team of flooring specialists are skilled in choosing and installing laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is beneficial for customers from the Alpharetta area who want the look and feel of hardwood or tile, but are on a budget. Call us today with any questions about our laminate flooring or to set up an in-home appointment.

Laminate flooring can be understood as having two thin layers of paper filled with melamine. The bottom layer is literally a photograph of wood grain and it is covered by a hard layer which makes it resistant to dents and scratches. This versatile choice of flooring can be a good fit for families with kids and/or pets.

AdvantagesLaminate Flooring

  • Easy to clean, stain resistant and easy to install
  • More affordable compared to hardwood flooring
  • Durable, cost-effective alternative to wood


Though durable, it isn’t scratch-proof nor can it be sanded and refinished as wood can. Therefore, if laminate flooring gets scratched or damaged in any way, the pieces need to be removed and replaced instead of refinished.

Our available laminate flooring for the greater Alpharetta area comes in a variety of patterns and styles. Check out our sampling below to find the style of laminate flooring you prefer.

Here’s just a sampling of our wide selection of laminate flooring options:

Our Laminate Flooring Catalogue

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We partner with Shaw, Armstrong, Mohawk and many other laminate flooring manufacturers to bring you the selection, quality, and competitive pricing your project demands.

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