These days, saving the earth and making environmentally conscious decisions is a responsibility taken on by everyone, from large corporations to singular individuals. As times have changed and technology has become smarter, green flooring options have become better-looking and far more affordable. So if the environment is high on your list of priorities, call Floor Coverings International of Alpharetta for your next home improvement project. We stock many varieties of eco-friendly flooring options that can fit your style as well as your budget.

Some of the most popular green flooring options are those that can be sustainably harvested. For example, bamboo flooring comes from the rapid-growing bamboo plant which regenerates quickly after being harvested. Not all hardwood flooring options are eco-friendly though. If the lumber for hardwood flooring doesn’t come from sustainable forests, they can actually hurt the environment despite their long-lasting appeal. Hardwood flooring options can also be treated with harmful chemicals that aren’t good for the environment. One last environmental impact to take into account when picking a green flooring option is transportation. One of the knocks on bamboo and cork flooring are that the costs of transporting them around the world offset the positive environmental impact. These are all factors that should be considered when searching for a green flooring option, and Floor Coverings International of Alpharetta is available to help you through the entire process.

Additionally, the World Floor Coverings Association recommends these materials for green flooring:

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