pets on floorWe know that for most pet owners in Alpharetta, their pets are part of the family. However, pets don’t care about keeping your beautiful hardwoods or plush carpet looking like new. To help you preserve your floors while still letting Fido have the run of the house, we’ve put together some tips on pet-proofing your floors.

Use rugs

Add area rugs will help protect your hardwood flooring from scratches caused by pets’ nails. They also add a layer of protection from mud and dirt that may get tracked in on dirty paws. Add rugs to any room in your home that your pets frequent, such as entryways, kitchens, and family rooms. Also consider adding runners in hallways, which tend to be high traffic areas. While soft area rugs work great for living rooms, consider a more durable rug or mat for doorways and hallways leading into the home. These are the areas that tend to collect the most water, dirt and mud from the outside, so be sure to select something that can withstand some wear and tear.

Trim nails

Keep your pets’ nails trimmed to an appropriate length to help avoid scratches on hardwood floors. Though durable, hardwoods can sustain surface damage and wear if your pet walks on them with long nails.


Anyone who owns a dog or cat knows that dealing with pet hair is an ongoing battle. We highly recommend investing in a vacuum that is designed to handle pet hair – many vacuums will become clogged and lose suction over time if they aren’t specifically designed to handle high quantities of hair. We suggest vacuuming your carpet weekly or twice weekly to help keep pet hair under control.


Messes happen! If your pet has an accident inside, clean it up immediately to avoid lasting damage or staining. A good quality pet stain remover is a necessity for spot-cleaning carpet. There are also carpets available that are specifically designed to repel pet stains, odor and hair. If you have several pets in your household, you may consider investing in one of these pet-friendly carpets next time you replace your floors. Hardwood floors don’t stain as easily as carpet, but be on the lookout for any standing liquid, which can cause warping and damage over time.

Photo © Chendongshan