One major trend that consistently re-appears every few months is Scandinavian design. At Floor Coverings International of Alpharetta, GA we not only have experience with a variety of flooring options, but also design thanks to our Design Associates. They are always on the lookout for design trends to help our customers create their dream homes. If you’re interested in creating a similar look in your home, this can help you get started.


Color Palette

One of the most noticeable qualities of Scandinavian design is the color palette with the use of “clean” colors. Think along the lines of white, tan, beige, and a muted gray. Black and other darker grays can be used to create a large contrast against the whites although subtle oranges and blues sometimes pop up in inspiration pictures as well. The use of these brighter colors helps to give a more personalized touch to your space.



The flooring, like other furniture pieces, serves a dual purpose to be both useful and aesthetically pleasing to a room. Our Design Associates at FCI Alpharetta recommend a wood flooring option such as an Ash, Maple, Oak, Birch, or Bamboo in order to follow the light and muted color palette. Wood is a large element of Scandinavian design that helps to give the room an indoor and outdoor feel in addition to being more readily available than a tile or ceramic floor. The benefits of a wood flooring option are that it is durable and easier to clean than carpet while the variety of finishes can be customized to meet any of your design needs.


Furniture and Finishes

Scandinavian design is also about subtle plays with texture. If you go with a grainy hardwood, high-shine metal finishes such as on knobs, handles, or light fixtures helps to emphasize the floor. Many Scandinavian furniture features clean lines; there are no added flourishes. This makes furniture pieces extremely functional and gives a timeless feeling. Look for upholstery in soft linens particularly on seat cushions or couches, although some leather will help to add texture. In addition, don’t be afraid to feature more rounded or geometric pieces in your accessories to help balance out many of the larger furniture pieces.

If you’re ready to plan your Scandinavian-inspired home or need help with your next project, we are here to help. Just give Floor Coverings International of Alpharetta a call to set-up a free consultation!