When people begin their search for new floors, there are
many factors to consider. Look, maintenance, and cost might all be at the top
of your list, but there is yet another thing to take into account as you make
your decision: sound. Yes, the sound of your floors is something that may be
very important to you, especially if you have pets or children. With young
children, the sounds caused by walking on hardwood may wake them up when you’d
rather they stay asleep. If your children are older, the racket they make while
running and playing on a hardwood floor presents a whole different type of
headache to consider. And the considerations aren’t just child-related, even
pets are likely to have clicking claws and padding feet. Here are our
suggestions for beautiful flooring options that will look great and sound even



Carpet is likely the first flooring option your mind was
drawn to when you thought “quiet flooring,” and that’s because it’s one of the
most obvious and popular options. Carpet is so popular in bedrooms, home
offices, and living rooms because of its soundproof qualities as well as the
comfort it brings to the room. Even if you want hardwood or tile in parts of
your home, carpet is something to consider in any room where you hope to relax.
Some people don’t consider the sound aspect and may end up regretting their
decision later!



Cork is most popular as a trendy and
environmentally-friendly flooring option, but another great advantage of going
with cork is all auditory. Cork is highly shock absorbent and exceptionally
sound absorbent as well. Even if you go with the aforementioned carpet in the
bedroom, cork is a great choice for hallways and living rooms if you want to keep
the noise down while embracing a less-carpeted look. These days cork even comes
in many different styles, which allows you to imitate the feel of hardwood
without the sound that comes with it! If you want to double down on your quiet
home, try laying rugs and runners in the hallways over you cork floors.



Rubber flooring in your home may sound like crazy talk, but
take a moment to consider this. Traditionally relegated to warehouses and
garages, rubber flooring has begun to creep into the residential flooring
arena. Rubber floors now come in a variety of styles and colors that can really
compliment certain areas of your home. Furthermore, because rubber floors are
water-resistant, they work great in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
Much like cork, rubber provides a nice alternative to the classic soundproof
carpet option and allows you to mix things up while still keeping the nose to a


If you’re in the market for any floor, soundproof or not,
give us a call at Floor Coverings International of Alpharetta today! Our
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exactly what flooring option will work in your home. When it comes to quiet
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